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The Ishtar Gate of Babylon and Satan's Seat - Patriotic Dissent

About The Ishtar Gate of Babylon and Satan's Seat

Previous Entry The Ishtar Gate of Babylon and Satan's Seat Apr. 3rd, 2010 @ 01:30 am Next Entry
The Ishtar Gate in Berlin and Satan's Seat
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The pic is me in front of the Ishtar/Easter gate in Berlin. This gate was actually walked through by the Prophet Daniel. You can see how much the Israelites and all the other nations in captivity to Babylon loved Ishtar(whose symbol was the original playboy bunny, an ancient symbol of adultery, prostitution, pornography, and "Free Love") and their Easter Eggs. While in Babylon the Israelites became so absorbed in worshipping Easter and her son Tammuz, that they named a month after Tammuz. Sounds like modern America huh? Aren't many in captivity to the Spirit of Easter (the whore of Babylon, the Spirit of Sexual Addictions??) and go to worship at the new Ishtar temples of strip clubs and porn shops and "bunny farms" in Las Vegas, buying millions of magazines with her emblem emblazed on them and stopping all government offices, universities, and commerce to paint her eggs one Sunday a year.

The historical Semiramis (later Ishtar/Easter) was the wife of King Nimrod who built the tower of Babel and the city of Babylon. He is said to have tried to murder Abraham, who lived in the land of Ur of the Chaldes (Chaldea was absorbed by Babylon). After her death and supposed ascention to heaven, she was known as Ishtar/Easter the "Queen of Heaven" just as Mary supposedly resurrected to heaven and became known as the "Queen of Heaven."

Ishtar/Easter was often represented as a half-dressed woman with a lion on each side of her hence the winged lions on the Ishtar gate, as seen in other photos. Much of "Chrisitanity" has gone through the Spiritual Ishtar Gate, to go back into Babylon, instead of coming out of her, and touching no unclean thing. In fact, the unclean things are painted and eaten every year at Churches as she supposedly fell from heaven in a giant egg on what we know as "Ishtar/Easter" Sunday. Due to her sexual promiscuity she was known as the "Whore of Babylon" in life, and in death, known as the Ishtar/Easter in Babylon, also called Eostre by the Celts, Ostara by the Vikings, Aphrodite by the Greeks, and Venus by the Romans. When someone contracted an STD they were sent to temple of Ishtar to be "cured" of their VENereal disease (diseases of Venus) sometimes given "Aphro-desiacs" (from her greek name, Aphrodite) by sleeping with the temple prostitutes. Her husband Baal was also said to be a stud, as evergreen trees were erected every December 25th to represent his ever erect penis, with red easter eggs hanging on the branches to serve as his testicles (like the red glass ornaments we have today.)

At the Pergammon Museum in Berlin, we also find what John the Revelator referred to as "Satan's Seat". "Satan's Seat" was at the center of the temple of Pergamus, which was literal seat, a giant statue of Zeus (Baal) seated with incense continuously coming from his lap. This was later moved to Germany from Turkey, just as the Ishtar Gate was dismantled and moved from Babylon (Iraq) to Germany and reassembled. Hence the theory that the Anti-Christ will be seated in Berlin, since it currently sits at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

“Make no mention of the name of other gods (i.e., Easter?), neither let it be heard out of thy mouth.” (Exodus 23:13) Don't commemorate these things in any way, because if you throw a party for something, it shows up!

When we use G-d's Name, He comes to us, which is why we don't use it in vain (which is like calling someone over to dinner and then saying, "just kidding" you can go home now." On the speaking, if you call something demonic's name, it shows up too!

"What fellowship can Light have with darkness? (does it get any darker that temple prostitution?) What fellowship can Christ have with Baal (or the wife of Baal?" 2nd Corinthians 6:14

"Can we eat at the table of Christ (Passover) and the table of demons (Easter ham) too?"

If you would like to know more about Ishtar/Easter check out my album on the history of this holiday/helliday.

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